Dripping Pollen

The theme of rebirth and fertility caught, watching an ancient bulb – Fritillaria – grow and drip yellow and orange liquid pollen. Medium: watercolor, gouache Size: 30×40 Price: $400 – SOLD

Paperbag Foliage

Fun with foliage and rope handles from paper bags. Throw in some pod leaves + metal work = mixed media foliage! Medium: mixed media Size: 29×23 Price: $350


A high cascading waterfall crashes past highly textured rocks & foliage. Abstract & sensual. Medium: acrylic, texture Size: 29×23 Price: $700 Award Winner

Tropical Pond

My pond in summer shines with intense color and dramatic shapes – thanks to maroon elephant ears. Medium: watercolor Size: 12×14 Price: $100


Based on “At Blackwater Pond” by Mary Oliver: You know how it feels Wanting to walk into the rain and disappear Medium: acrylic & texture Price: $700 – SOLD

Forest Drips

A very abstract, drippy, dramatic forest, as seen from my house in New Hampshire last fall. Medium: wet acrylic & gel Size: 25×25 Price: $400