Monadnock Art Open Studios Tour 2023

October 7-9, 10am-5pm

#60 in Hancock, NH
Originally from Africa and now based in New Hampshire, Roberta Woolfson is storyteller with paint.

Not content with a surface impression, she peels the onion and digs deep, and expresses her views in unusual ways. She works with water-based paints: acrylic, gouache, watercolor, water soluble pencils & casein; and experiments with texture & multimedia.

Trained in theatre design and literature she often paints large and dramatic pieces, and for many years designed and painted murals in homes, libraries, and schools. After decades of studying many different styles of art, she has the most fun pushing boundaries. It has been an exciting journey discovering her style as expressionist; drama, poetry, emotion, paint, and texture – fused to capture the exciting essence of her world.