The Wave (our DNA)

While watching the seaweed and imagining the “little bang”, a huge wave mounted the wall and brought me back to NOW. Medium: gouache & acrylic Size: 25×20 Price: $350

Sea of Waves

The turbulent waters of the “Cape of Storms” have sunk many ships over the centuries. Medium: gouache Size: 8×10 Price: $150

African Dawn

The cool purples of the African bush are silhouetted against the early morning sun. Slowly the subtle colors emerge with the bird-song. Medium: watercolor Size: 28×14 Price: $600 – SOLD

African Drama (our DNA)

At Greenpoint in Capetown, South Africa, scientists discovered our human DNA in the seaweed. This is “the little bang”. I discovered the scientific photos on a stone wall on an early morning…

Drakensberg Mountains

Beautiful farmlands meet a magnificent blue barrier to the interior of Africa. My great great great grandfather bred the Afrikaaner Ixen that pulled the wagons in the “Great Trek” over these mountains….