LightsUp Drama – Spring Drama Program 2017

Courage, Kindness and Me!

Explore stories and plays of Courage and Kindness. We will make a difference!  We will fight evil (and Boredom).We will stage beautiful stories into a mesmerizing performance.

With Marvelous Music!     Expressive Bodies!    Brilliant and Original Ideas

Teacher – Roberta Woolfson  Telephone: 603-672-7815
Experienced Literature and Drama Expert, Professional Storyteller, Director of Children’s Theatre

Kids can be Heroes too!

3:30pm to 5:00pm   Price $170.    10 to 15 year old

 Produce and script your own plays based on a futuristic story called “How Peace was Found Again”, about courageous young teenagers who fight to rebuild their devastated world and discover what really matters in life. Have fun with other heroes like Roald Dahl’s daring and passionate girl who, with her “magic finger”, stands up for her beliefs causing a lot of trouble and teaching a lot of life lessons. Laugh with three strong minded Japanese women who teach some unsuspecting young men how to win the Emperor’s wrestling competition.

 Learn stage craft, characterization and create your own production. Warm up with theater games and improvisation.




Tales of Courage from around the World.

5:00pm to 6:30pm.   Price $170. – 7 to 11 year olds

Students will be captivated by storytelling at its best. Act out a different drama and character every week –

  • A smart and resourceful Princess Guinevere who saves her Kingdom, fighting Dragons, Wolves and Evil.
  • The “Talented Toad” who discovers he can fight bullies with his courage and talent for singing.
  • Superman and Bat woman protecting New York city from villains and thieves.

The children will turn these beautiful stories into plays and explore new realms of their imagination with music, movement and poetry. They will present a show in the last lesson.

HOLLIS Program