Drama cannot be separated from the arts – music, movement, speech and song, the visual arts, poetry, technical skills, history and literature, especially storytelling. Drama is vital to all life skills!”
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Roberta Woolfson has taught literature and speech and drama for nearly 30 years in South Africa and the United States. She is accomplished in all the arts, painting, dance, drama, music and storytelling. She has taught in the Milford school system and has directed children’s theater and theater workshops for the American Stage Festival and Andy’s Summer Playhouse. She is an accomplished storyteller, telling stories for children and adults in libraries, clubs, Keeper’s of the Lore Festival and the Three Apples Storytelling Festival in Cambridge.
Aims and Objectives.
  1. To stimulate the pupils imagination and to extend their creative awareness.
  2.  To develop the skills required for efficient communication, both audible and visual.
  3. To liberate pupils from self-consciousness in order to develop their whole personality,
    physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
  4. To develop the pupil’s concentration.
  5. To intensify their awareness of people and things around them.
  6. To impart some knowledge and appreciation of the history and the practice of drama and
    the theater.
To do all this in a homely atmosphere of comfort and fun.
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